Two Tips To Help You Select A Primary Care Physician

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Two Tips To Help You Select A Primary Care Physician

2 December 2015
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Selecting a primary care physician (PCP) is an incredibly important decision.  This is the medical professional that you will not only see when you need annual check-ups and basic care, it's also the person who will refer you to specialists if you happen to need additional care that falls outside of your doctor's expertise.  Choosing the wrong doctor could be detrimental since it could put your health at a great disadvantage, and cost you the time and effort of having to select a new doctor.  Use this information to learn more about two tips you can use to help select a PCP.

Don't Rely Strictly On Internet Reviews

The first tip you can use when searching for a PCP is to be careful about strictly relying on Internet reviews.  This is key since the criteria of the person making the review may not quite be in-line with what you're looking for.

For example, if you have a gregarious, outgoing patient who visits a doctor who has a firm, more conservative demeanor, it is highly possible for the consumer to leave a negative review because they like a medical professional who is more talkative or humorous that they can relate to.  However, the level of care may have been excellent and the person could have really been helped by the doctor.  

If the patient does not explicitly outline this as the reason for their dissatisfaction, you could miss out on a great medical professional.  This is especially true if you also have a more laid back personality and don't require a more intimate relationship with your doctor as long as they do their job correctly.

Make Sure The Doctor Can Meet Your Needs

Another important consideration you should look for when selecting a primary care physician is one who can specifically meet your needs.  This is vital, because you need someone that offers the accommodations that you're looking for.

An example of this is if you need a doctor who is bi-lingual because your primary language differs from theirs.  You need to be able to understand exactly what your doctor is saying, and they must be able to comprehend you clearly as well.

In addition, although you may take off of work for your initial appointment with the doctor, you may regularly work during traditional business hours and need a medical clinic or a medical professional who offers these types of after hours services.

Selecting the right PCP doesn't have to be difficult if you know what to do.  The next time you need a new doctor, use this information so you can make the most appropriate choice.